Preventing Obesity by Design in Wake County (POD Wake Co.)

Aug 2012


The purpose of POD Wake Co. is to address the obesity epidemic in young children attending childcare by creating a multidisciplinary intervention to transform childcare outdoor learning environments (OLEs) into active, productive best practice demonstration sites (eight in Phase One and eight in Phase Two). The six-year project will focus on design, management, and training to create active, edible OLEs that will benefit from several growing seasons.

Major activities include:

  1. Creating eight outdoor learning environment demonstration sites in Wake County through design training, management, programming, and support for community engagement and fundraising.
  2. Technical assistance to convert unattractive “playgrounds” devoid of plants into productive OLEs for children, families, and the community.
  3. POD Wake demonstration sites will be used for interactive trainings twice a year to engage an additional ten centers (60 centers by the end of the project).
  4. Evaluation process to measure environmental and behavioral changes including attitudes towards outdoor activities by childcare providers.
  5. Technical assistance will be provided on-call and online via the Green Desk and NLI InfoSheet library at the NLI’s website.

POD Wake Co. is supported by the John Rex Endowment.

More about POD: General Information