POD Wake County

ABC Land, Inc.

ABC Land, located in Wendell, NC, has initiated OLE improvements to create a more active and productive site as a participating POD-Wake demonstration center.

New raised beds were constructed with reusable materials, which support produce-harvesting activities. Blueberries and figs have been planted throughout the outdoor learning environment, adding to the edible landscape. In all, ABC Land has 349 square feet of vegetable garden, 621 square feet of fruiting shrubs, and 8 fruit trees.

The children especially enjoy a bamboo teepee where pole beans grow, providing a nice shady nook on hot days covered in green beans for snacking. They also look forward to picking and eating the blueberries lining the entry path to their garden. The fresh produce is used in cooking activities with the children and is also incorporated into meals and snacks. Other improvements implemented are the naturalization of the space with ornamental perennials and shrubs planted in colorful tire planters.

A total of 205 pounds of fresh produce was harvested in 2014 and 2015, with over $4,800 being spent on OLE improvements during that time.

Address: 610 Raymond Dr, Wendell, NC 27591
Phone Number: (919) 365-3212
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 80

These gardening activities remind me of my childhood. Activities like canning are becoming a lost art and it is important to pass them onto future generations… if they grow up and can’t buy food, they will at least have the skills to plant a seed.

Center Director

Schematic Master Plan (2013)


Before Renovation (2013)

After Renovation (2018)