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Nature Play and Learning Places Now Available in Print Version

We are pleased to announce the National Guidelines for Nature Play and Learning Places: Creating and managing places where children engage with nature by Robin Moore is now available in a limited edition print version. After the original release in 2014 as a free downloadable PDF (still available here:, we received many requests for a printed version. 

Garden Successes at POD-Wake Demonstration Center

The Advocates for Health in Action newsletter highlights the successes of the Farm to Childcare program in Wake County at Childcare Network #61, a POD-Wake Demonstration site. They've reduced the canned vegetables and fruit they use by more than half and saved money but using produce from Farm to Childcare and from the center gardens. Parents see the outdoor gardens as a selling point and the children gain hands on experience with the growing cycle. 


Growing IN Place Symposium 2016

Save the Date - March 17, 2016

13th Annual Design Institute: The Whole Child in Nature

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