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National Play Value Plant Database

National Play Value Plant Database

The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all. To help increase green spaces, inform family-friendly recreation design, and promote the growth of nature-rich environments everywhere, we are pleased to present the Play Value Plant Database, together with our partners, the Children & Nature Network and the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University.

Adding Play Value with Plants

The database is an exciting, unique resource allowing users to select plants by their play value, like those that promote sensory attributes, attract butterflies or birds, provide “loose parts” for play, or a host of other playful traits. (in addition to commonly found criteria like zone, height, growth habits, etc.) It’s a fantastic tool for landscape architects, park administrators, nature-focused organizations, schools, and anyone who wants to promote rich and diverse play and recreation experiences for children and families.

Whether you are working to expand environmental education to develop a child’s lifelong connection with the natural world in a green schoolyard, or simply trying to create a more meaningful outdoor family plan and recreational space through the beauty of nature, we welcome you to explore, learn, and download your personalized plant collection.