Institutes & Symposia

At the forefront of interdisciplinary dialogue and innovation lie two pivotal gatherings—The NLI Design Institutes and the Growing IN Place Symposium series. These forums converge at the crossroads of urban planning, community development, and the well-being of families and children. Spanning over a decade, they’ve championed transformative change, shaping urban landscapes with inclusivity, resilience, and foresight.

The NLI Design Institutes stand as pivotal forums for advancing nature-centric design principles, particularly concerning children’s environments. Professionals from diverse fields, including landscape architecture, education, public health, and recreation, convene to explore the transformative potential of integrating nature into the built environment. From fostering outdoor play to promoting healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship, these institutes offer practical insights and innovative solutions that enrich the lives of children and families.

The Growing IN Place Symposium series advocates for environments that nurture health, sustainability, and community connectivity in cities. Each annual gathering brings together professionals, policymakers, educators, and advocates to explore innovative approaches to urban landscape planning. Emphasizing accessible green spaces, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and culturally vibrant neighborhoods, these symposiums envision cities as dynamic ecosystems where every resident thrives. Through collaborative discussions and shared insights, they pave the way for transformative change in urban landscapes.