NLI Resource Hub

Text Media

The NLI’s academic publications and printed books serve as guiding lights in fostering environments where children flourish. Authored by experts like co-founder Robin Moore and Nilda Cosco, these works offer blueprints for integrating nature seamlessly into learning spaces, empowering architects, educators, and policymakers alike.

LET’S GET OUTSIDE! The Case for Young Children
LET’S GET OUTSIDE! Summary of Child Care Regulations
Gardening with Young Children
Rethink Outside: Getting Kids Outdoors as Early as Possible
Research Brief: Impact of Naturalized Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments
National Play Value Plant Database
Preschool Outdoors: Best Practice Toolkit (2nd Ed.)
Nature Play at Home
Nature Play and Learning Places
The Necessity of Urban Green Space for Children’s Optimal Development
Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale POEMS (2005)
Sensory Integration and Contact with Nature: Designing Outdoor Inclusive Environments
Integrating Gardening Resources Into EFNEP Curriculum
Colorado Regulatory Guide- Playing by the Rules
Developing an Earth-bound Culture
Oakland Declaration
Designing School Grounds to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child and Whole Curriculum
An International Physical Activity and Public Health Research Agenda to Inform Coronavirus Disease-19 Policies and Practices
Activity-friendly Neighbourhoods Can Benefit Non-communicable and Infectious Diseases
Environmental Interventions for Healthy Development of Young Children in the Outdoors
Guided by Nature
Place, Pedagogy, and Play – Foreword
Healthy Planet, Healthy Children: Designing Nature into Childhood
Playgrounds: A 150-Year-Old Model
Children Gardening – First Steps Towards a Sustainable Future
Protected: POD Community College Modules at a Glance (ECE)
Preschool Gardening Activity Guide
Pathways for Play: Best Practice Guidelines
Child in Nature Video
Areas De Juego Naturales / Natural Playgrounds
Greening Montessori School Grounds by Design
Early Childhood Outdoor Play and Learning Space (ECOPALS): Achieving Design Quality
A National Research Agenda Supporting Green Schoolyard Development and Equitable Access to Nature
Natural Learning
Re-Naturing Urban Childhood
Growing Up in Cities
Creating Inclusive Naturalized Outdoor Play Environments
The Need for Nature-A Childhood Right
Using Behavior Mapping to Investigate Healthy Outdoor Environments for Children and Families: Conceptual Framework, Procedures and Applications

Video Media

NLI’s videos showcase our mission in action by harnessing the power of visual storytelling. From vibrant playgrounds to serene outdoor classrooms, each frame encapsulates the transformative potential of nature-infused learning environments, transcending language barriers to inspire viewers worldwide.

Interactive Media

The Hub’s collection of website resources are designed to immerse users in the world of biophilic play and learning environments. These digital offerings include interactive tours, virtual experiences, comprehensive online databases, and other innovative tools.