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June 2022

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NLI Newsletter
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Natural Learning Initiative


June 2022

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Creating environments for healthy human development and a healthy biosphere for generations to come.

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Nilda Cosco and Robin Moore presented a poster, “Childcare and Schools as Biotopes,” at Inside > OUT, Atlanta, GA, addressing nature-based built environment design thinking for children and families. Terms commonly used by NLI for site design (activity setting & affordance) were illustrated, together “biotope” – a new term connecting sites collectively to global thinking on human rights, health, sustainability... learn more

Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments Certificate Summer Course

Registration is closing soon for the Summer section, June 6 – August 26, 2022. The self-paced online course consists of 8 modules and is worth 2.4 CEUs... read more

The Allen Education Center, North Carolina Botanical Garden, was created through the progressive ideas and commitment of a large group of individuals, including NLI, working very hard over several years to create the first LEED platinum public building in North Carolina (2010)... read more


The aim of the Childcare Outdoor Learning Environments as Active Food Systems (COLEAFS) project is to measure the effectiveness of gardening to support fruit and vegetable identification, liking, and consumption and to increase physical activity in preschool children attending childcare... read more

Registration for the July online short courses: Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS) and Childcare Outdoor Learning Environments Quality Tool (COLEQT) will open soon... read more