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March 2021

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NLI Newsletter
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Natural Learning Initiative


March 2021
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Creating environments for healthy human development and a healthy biosphere for generations to come.

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The Natural Learning Initiative is celebrating the long-awaited 20th Anniversary Design Institute in collaboration with longtime colleagues who have inspired our work over so many years! The virtual event will include presentations from international and national thought leaders in the field of community play, the beneficial impact of nature on child development, and new cultural challenges affecting life on the planet.

NC State Day of Giving

For two decades NLI has focused on equitable, environmental change, bringing design thinking to low-resource communities, helping them create natural, inclusive play and learning environments for young children so they learn to love and care for planet Earth and its biosphere. Many thanks for helping to continue this work.

When the campaign opens, search for “College of Design” and the “fund selection” buttons and click "Other Areas." A field will open where you can enter “NLI.” If you want to donate by check please email [email protected].

For years NLI worked with various plant database systems, attempting to create a user-friendly, online, searchable, national site focused on plants for children’s areas. Long-time partner, PlayCore joined the effort, investing in the necessary custom software, eventually resulting in the fabulous database now open to all in partnership with the Children & Nature
Network. The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all. Appropriate plant choice is fundamental to the successful design of child-friendly, nature rich environments.

National Plant Database
John Fritz Talks Design

Landscape designer, Jon Fritz, presents the outdoor learning environment design for A Child's Haven, Greenville, SC—from a child and family perspective, applying knowledge gained through the Natural Learning Initiative certificate program.

    This publication includes simple seasonal recipes, activities, and facts that can be used in both childcare centers and at home. These fun resources are a great way to celebrate the spring season!

    Natural Learning at Home® March