Healthy Starts: Infants/Toddlers

(Guilford Co.) Wishview Children’s Center

Wishview Children’s Center, located in Greensboro, NC plans to improve their infant and toddler spaces.  Currently, their infant area is covered in artificial turf, and they would like to replace this with an at-grade deck, planters, and small trees for shade. 

One of their goals for their toddler spaces is to add a primary pathway.  They are planning to relocate an existing piece of play equipment, which the primary pathway will encircle.  In order to increase the amount of naturalized space in their outdoor learning environment, the center is planning to move the fence back to include some of the natural wooded space just beyond their fenceline in their outdoor learning environment.  In addition to these changes, they are also planning to add a sand play area, water play area, and grass maze around the perimeter of their outdoor learning environment.

Address: 1001 Meadowood Street, Greensboro, NC 27609
Phone Number: (336) 854-0421
County: Guilford
Local Partnership: Guildford County Partnership for Children
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 99

Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Safe Place Schematic

Before Renovation (2019)