Design interventions at Washington Terrace (WT)

Design interventions at Washington Terrace (WT), a 23-acre, rebuilt neighborhood in East Raleigh’s historic African American community, aimed at creating an active, healthy neighborhood, began in 2016 when NLI collaborated with DHIC, Inc., a non-profit developer of high-quality, affordable housing, and WT architects, JDavis. NLI contributed outdoor design expertise to creating a “community commons” of park land and a raised bed vegetable garden located around the Community Clubhouse. Additional interventions included an outdoor play and learning space for the on-site Curtis Child Development Center, and a Community Gathering Garden sponsored by Kaleidoscope (community development initiative).

Community Commons includes the Clubhouse (dark brown) and NLI-designed park (above) with pavilion, BBQ facilities, corner designed for toddlers and parents, a curvy, looping walking and jogging path, climbing structure, lawn, shade trees, shrubs, and flowering perennials. To the left (west) of the Clubhouse, there’s a raised-bed vegetable garden with preparation facilities and shady seating. NLI’s design intention for the community commons is to motivate physical activity, encourage socializing across generations, and emphasize healthy eating, accompanied by an invitation to relax, enjoy life, and take it easy.


Curtis Child Development Center Outdoor Play and Learning Space provides an intimate, interactive landscape of nature-based, multi-sensory opportunities for healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


Community Gathering Garden offers a destination for neighbors and friends to meet up and spend time together in a garden setting with picnic shelter and grill.