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Triangle Day Care Center

Triangle Day Care Center, in Durham, NC,  has transformed an unused large open area into an active outdoor learning environment.  A large, double-looped primary pathway centers the space, with small trees planted nearby for increased shade.  The addition of trikes keeps the children moving.  

Stumps, balance logs, a hillside slide with a scramble wall, and a large multipurpose lawn provide additional gross motor opportunities, while a playhouse and mud kitchen provide settings for dramatic play.  The center has also added sand play and acoustic play.

Address: 1301 Riddle Rd., Durham, NC 27713
Phone Number: (919) 598-1573
County: Durham
Local Partnership: Durham CCSA
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 112
Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Before Renovation (2017)

After Renovation (2020)