The NLI Website’s New Look

You may have noticed some changes to the NLI website… We are proud to unveil a new, modern style designed to provide clear and legible content on all screen sizes, including phones!

The new style has been developed with universal web design principles pioneered by tech innovators like Google and Apple as well as complying with WCAG AA color contrast rating for accessibility.

Some of the redesigned components include…

Think & Do

We have added a new page under the HOME category of our navigation bar titled “Think & Do.” The new page illustrates the scope and impact of NLI since our founding in 2000, highlighting programs and success stories.

Margins and Page Width

Full-width pages are now site-wide! Providing a modern and immersive experience. The iconic leafy background has been strategically preserved in select places to maintain the playful and time-honored NLI brand.

The website no longer renders decorative margins on screen sizes below desktop, saving valuable real estate on small screens like phones and tablets.


Menus and navigation have been restyled to better convey hierarchy and usage. Improvements have also been made to how these menus render on mobile screens.

Search and Post Galleries

Pages with grid galleries of posts are now stacked evenly allowing for quicker scanning.