Start Small–With A Vision

Kim Shaw will be giving a Keynote at Antioch University during the In Bloom Conference

Educators observe children’s affinity to be outside. Once you learn the importance of that relationship, you want to commit to what it takes to make that a priority. When you take the steps to create that environment, you inspire people and establish relationships. This is a story to serve as a reminder to “start small, with a vision.” Next, it’s a small garden space on an undeveloped plot of land in the community. Dozens of cherished partnerships, accolades, and thousands of work hours later, if you’re asked how it got done, the answer is: “we started small, with a vision.”

Kimberly Shaw is the Founder and President of A Safe Place Child Enrichment Center and Elizabeth’s Garden. Starting as a family child care home in August 1997, it has grown to two five-star, NAEYC-accredited centers sitting on 3.5 acres in East and Southeast Raleigh NC. She has served thousands of families by exploring nature-based curriculum through natural connection, while providing a safe natural space for learning, playing, and celebrating community. Ms. Shaw continues to partner with local organizations including the Natural Learning Initiative at North Carolina State University to develop the outdoors as demonstration sites in both centers.

Kimberly Shaw, Founder and President, A Safe Place Child Enrichment Center and Elizabeth’s Garden, Raleigh, NC