The Nature PlayScape at Cincinnati Nature Center

The Schott Nature PlayScape at Cincinnati Nature Center (CNC) was initiated in 2007, when NLI collaborated with the Niehoff Urban Studio, University of Cincinnati, to deliver a professional development course on designing for childhood and nature to regional landscape architects. Participants observed the development of the Nature PlayScape Design Program led by NLI via facilitated design workshops that included children. A team of course “graduates” was appointed as project landscape architects by CNC. NLI remained on board as a consultant to the team.

The all-ages, nature-based, intergenerational installation contains a recirculating stream, is surrounded on two sides by patches of existing woodland, is fully enclosed with a light deer-proof fence, and is easily accessible from parking. As part of the Cincinnati Nature PlayScape Initiative, the Schott Nature PlayScape helps ensure that children of Greater Cincinnati have access to nature and that accompanying adults learn about the importance of outdoor play for healthy child development.

The Nature PlayScape Mission is:

To stimulate healthy child development, family enjoyment, creativity, learning, a passion for nature, and a sense of stewardship through spontaneous outdoor nature play, regardless of income or physical abilities.


Schott Nature PlayScape: