Shepherd’s Way Day School

Shepherd’s Way Day School participated in POD II, as a demonstration center. The NLI design team worked with the Shepherd’s Way and Randolph County Partnership for Children staff in 2010 to develop a concept plan for their outdoor learning environment.

In 2013, after being chosen as a Lab Site for the POD3 project, Shepherd’s Way worked with the NLI team to develop the first Infant Parklet. Inspired by the recent Parklet trend in urban design, two parking spaces adjacent to the infant classroom were appropriated for renovation.

In addition, Shepherd’s Way has initiated a renovation of their toddler Outdoor Learning Environment.


Address:  1346 Old Cox Road Asheboro, NC 27205
Phone Number:  (336) 626-0888
County:  Randolph
Permit Type:  Five Star Center License
Year Center Established:  2002
Website: Visit Website

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Outdoor Learning Environment


Local Partnership for Children

Partnership Name:  Randolph County Partnership for Children
Partnership Address:  349 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC 27203
Partnership Phone:  (336) 629-2128
Partnership Website: Visit Website