POD Wake Co.

Raleigh Nursery School

Raleigh Nursery School, located in downtown Raleigh, NC, has progressed towards the naturalization of their outdoor learning environment as a participating POD Wake demonstration center, with the help of community partners.

The children enjoy a concrete, wheeled toy pathway loop in the preschool space, which provides a continuous circuit throughout the OLE. A new sandbox, acoustic play area, and a butterfly garden create destinations throughout.

The center has a goal of growing the majority of vegetables served to the children on-site and has installed 601 square feet of raised vegetable beds which provide close to year-round harvests. Support from community partners has contributed to the renovation of the OLE, with the greatest efforts coming as a part of PNC Bank’s Grow up Great initiative. Over sixty volunteers from PNC have logged more than 200 hours at the center, helping to install the pathways and tire planters, construct the garden beds, and assist with plantings.

Raleigh Nursery School has invested $13,900 in their OLE through during the POD Wake project.


Address: 1035 Halifax St, Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone Number: (919) 834-2136
Permit Type: Five Star Center License
Year Established: 1949
Website: Visit Website

We have had a complete transformation.

Now everyone has a favorite place. Everything is drawing them outside. The POD Wake project helped pull everything together. Now we understand more about play patterns. We already knew what was good for children, but not about outdoor play.

Center Director

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Outdoor Learning Environment

Safe Place Schematic

PNC Workday 2014 at the Raleigh Nursery School.

Raleigh Nursery School OLE, view of infant-toddler and preschool areas.

Children and Teachers planting vegetables in raised beds.

PNC Workday 2013 – installing the pathway.

Families review schematic design at pick up time.

Naturalizing play area, with hay bale planting area in background.

Local Partnership for Children

Partnership Name: Wake County Smart Start
Partnership Address: 4901 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27606
Partnership Phone: (919) 851-9550
Partnership Website: Visit Website