kidZone Post Occupancy Evaluation

The Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) conducted a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) in collaboration with NC Zoo staff of kidZone. KidZone is a prototyping area for children and families. (CNDC). The kidZone mission is: Fostering a love of nature through play.

The purpose of the POE is to:

  1. Evaluate how kidZone environmental characteristics (setting type, size, and location) influence children’s play, early science learning, physical activity, and social interactions.
  2. Investigate the pattern of use of kidZone by young children (0-5), elementary school age (6-12), and visitors older than 13 years of age including adults.
  3. Provide design recommendations to improve kidZone and, potentially, feed new information into the design of the future Children’s Nature Discovery Center outdoor areas.

NC Zoo Team:
Randy Fulk, PhD, Curator of Education
Linda Kinney, Public Programs Coordinator
Jessica Hoffmire, Visitor Educator

Natural Learning Initiative Team:
Robin Moore, MCP, Director
Nilda Cosco, PhD, Education Specialist
Brad Bieber, MLA, Design Associate

Research Assistants:
Eric Filo
Nataliya Gurina
Shirley Varela
Heather Vickery

GIS Specialists:
Tom Danninger
Adina Goodwin