POD Wake Co. Gathering and Tour 2018

Natural Learning Initiative invites you to attend a tour of three POD Wake Co. Demonstration Sites to see progress in the creation of their naturalized outdoor learning environments. The day will also feature a panel discussion with POD Wake Co. directors and DCDEE licensing consultants.

The goal of Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) is to increase early childhood physical activity and food awareness through evidence informed design assistance, teacher training, and dissemination of information.

Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center Owner, Rosalind Blair, welcomes visitors to their renovated OLE. They have continuously added to the OLE since the last time they hosted tour visitors in 2015.

Visitors take in the fruited arbor at A Kind Garden (left) and walk along the wooden plank wheeled toy pathway (right). No matter what size, the potential for an OLE is great!

Visitors tour Johnson Pond Learning Center as they learn how an OLE can be adapted to young children of all age groups in a large center.

July 12, 2018