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Passing the Baton

After 21 exciting years building the Natural Learning Initiative into a successfully “evolving enterprise” with Dr. Nilda Cosco, NLI Director of Programs, Prof. Robin Moore passed on the leadership baton to Dr. Deepti Adlakha, the new NLI Director and Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. Dr. Adlakha assumes Robin’s faculty position as he enters NC State’s 3-year phased retirement program and continues to contribute to NLI’s leading role in the field of environmental design for children and families.

Dr. Adlakha has a degree in architecture and urban design, similar to Moore’s, but also has a Ph.D. in public health, explicitly supporting NLI’s mission targeting human and global health and their intersection in work at the local community level. Read more about Dr. Adlakha here.