Our Neighbourhood is Like That! Cultural Richness and Childhood Identity in Boca-Baraccas, Buenos Aires

Authors: Moore, Robin; & Cosco, Nilda.

Young people in Boca-Barracas, the historic port district of Buenos Aires, described their lives and neighborhoods through a variety of Growing Up in Cities methods. They revealed the ‘paradoxical poverty’ of an area of low material resources that is nevertheless rich in settings where its young people can play a vital role in the social and cultural life of their community. A community action programme was created based on the children’s insights and priorities, which has inspired reflection on issues of governance related to the rights of children in the urban environment, as well as a discussion of the importance of a ‘holding environment’ where children are free to assimilate and transform their culture through play and exploration.

In Growing Up in an Urbanising World, EarthScan, Unesco, 2002