Healthy Starts: Infants/Toddlers

(Guilford Co.) UNCG – North Drive Childcare Center

The UNC-G Child Care Education Program North Drive location would like to naturalize the area around their existing primary pathway and add settings for gathering and outdoor play and learning.  North Drive’s first priorities are to install a low deck, a gathering circle with boulders, balance logs, and a porch swing and bench. 

This site has a large tree, which shades a good portion of the outdoor learning environment already, but shade is still an issue around the perimeter of the site.  North Drive is planning to plant 9 small trees to provide shade to the settings and components above and naturalize the space.

Address: 310 McIver Street, Greensboro, NC 27412
Phone Number: (336) 334-5810
County: Guilford
Local Partnership: Guildford County Partnership for Children
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 50

Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Safe Place Schematic

Before Renovation (2019)