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March 2022

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NLI Newsletter
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Natural Learning Initiative


March 2022

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Creating environments for healthy human development and a healthy biosphere for generations to come.

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Online Professional Development Courses

Register now for the Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS) and Childcare Outdoor Learning Environments Quality Tool (COLEQT) training courses. Learn how these tools can be used to guide quality improvements in children’s outdoor play and learning environments to promote healthy child development.

NC Transportation Museum

SPENCER KID’S STATION will create a transport-themed play space at the North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NC – once Southern Railway’s largest steam locomotive repair facility. Children of all ages and abilities and accompanying, playful adults, will experience locomotive and other forms of travel through active, healthy, imaginative play… read more

The concept of biophilic urban planning has inspired neighborhood greening projects in many older urban communities in the USA and beyond. The strengths (environmental management, biodiversity, heat island mitigation) and challenges (greenwashing, green gentrification) of such projects are well-documented and discussed here.

Green Enough Ain’t Good Enough
Certificate Course Report

NLI surveyed past participants of the Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments Certificate course to receive feedback and discover what they were able to apply from what they had learned. To find out more about the course and results of our surveys, click here.