Need and Interest in Nature Prescriptions to Protect Cardiovascular and Mental Health

A Nationally-Representative Study With Insights for Future Randomised Trials

NLI Director, Dr. Deepti Adlakha worked alongside Australian researchers to release their latest research work in Volume 31, Issue 12 of the Heart, Lung and Circulation journal. This journal publishes articles integrating clinical and research activities in the fields of basic cardiovascular science, clinical cardiology, and cardiac surgery, with a focus on emerging issues in cardiovascular disease. The journal promotes multidisciplinary dialogue between cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardio-pulmonary physicians, and cardiovascular scientists.


“Nature prescriptions” are increasingly being adopted by health sectors as an adjunct to standard care to address health and social needs. We investigated levels of need and interest in nature prescriptions in adults with cardiovascular diseases, psychological distress, and concomitants (e.g. physical inactivity, sedentary behavior, obesity, loneliness, burn-out).


A nationally-representative survey of 3,319 adults across all states and territories of Australia was completed in February 2021 (response 84.0%). Participants were classified across 15 target groups using validated health indicators and surveyed on (1) time and frequency of visits to green and blue spaces (nature spaces), (2) interest in a nature prescription, and (3) potential confounders (e.g. age, income). Analyses were done using weighted logistic regressions.