Matthew Babb

UX/Communication Designer

Matthew (Matt) Babb, MGD, is a UX/Communication Designer at NLI where he works on web content and the many print documents, online resources, and tools produced by NLI. Matt holds bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Design from Campbell University, and a Master of Graphic Design from NC State University, where his research focused on the design of smartpen adaptive interfaces used in learning management software.

Matt has been designing since 2009 and has worked for many companies, including Roast of The Town Coffee (Packaging & Advertisement design), Weeks Dye Works (Publication, Advertisement, Packaging, & UI design), McGahey Architectural Design (Web, Photography, & Publication), & NC State Agroecology (Web, Product, & Publication design). He has also been an active freelancer doing small projects for numerous other businesses and startups.

Matt grew up in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and as a child remembers building and exploring nature trails using fallen trees for bridges and wayfinding through the woods. As someone who grew up in rural North Carolina, he understands the need to keep kids of all ages learning and involved in nature.