Healthy Starts: Infants/Toddlers

(Guilford Co.) Macedonia Child Development Center

Macedonia Child Development Center, located in Greensboro, NC, hopes to start serving infants soon, in addition to the infants and preschoolers, who currently attend the center.  They would like to implement a separate infant area close to the building.  The infant space would include a low fence, raised beds around the perimeter for herbs and perennials, and a low deck with pergola for shade. 

Their long-term plans are to create a mix of active and quiet settings.  Naturalizing the current toddler/twos space to provide shade and play and learning opportunities is a short-term priority, since the space currently has no shade or plants.  In addition to planting trees, their immediate plans are to add a primary pathway loop onto their current pathway, a fruit and vegetable garden, a sand play area and a water play area.

Address: 401 Lake Ave, High Point, NC 27260
Phone Number: (336) 885-0777
County: Guilford
Local Partnership: Guildford County Partnership for Children
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 180

Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Safe Place Schematic

Plan subject to modification*

Before Renovation (2019)