Kids Together Playground

Kids Together Playground (KTP) is a universally designed, family-focused urban landscape demonstrating how success can emerge when values and goals of stakeholders and designers coincide, including design participation of children. On-going success is further supported by collaborative governance of KTP by the nonprofit, Kids Together, and the Town of Cary. The universal design / inclusion principles framing KTP, which grew out of the 1980’s accessibility rights movement, were defined by architect Ron Mace (himself a wheelchair user), as including disabilities and all human needs – for NLI, underscoring all peoples. The need for research covering all types of populations and environments, including urban parks, was emphasized by a 2003 gathering of universal design experts. A post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of KTP conducted by NLI, including on-site observations of individuals with special needs, was published in 2007. Download here for the full story and references.


Kids Together Playground:

Navigating the Playground with an Accompanying Wheelchair:

Talking Bench

Catch the Chair

Pushing the Chair

Up the Stairs

Up Into the Structure

Through the Tunnel

Across the Bridge

Down the Slide

Kids Are Together at Last
(KATAL the Dragon)