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Kids Korner Academy

Kids Korner Academy I in Durham, NC started their outdoor learning environment improvements by removing some internal fences to maximize the use of their space.  They added an arbor over the entry as well as two bridges.  The children enjoy dramatic play at the mud kitchen and beauty parlor, and they have more exposure to natural elements with an earth play area, sand play area, balance logs and tree cookies, and a gathering area with stumps.  They also enjoy growing healthy snacks in their fruit and vegetable garden.

The infant area was transformed through the addition of a low, multipurpose stage, artificial turf lawn, and planting beds for herbs and ornamentals.  They are also planning to add a porch swing soon.

Address: 2800 Shaftsbury St, Durham, NC 27704
Phone Number: (919) 251-8251
County: Durham
Local Partnership: Durham CCSA
NC Star Rating: 4
Capacity: 23

Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Before Renovation (2018)

After Renovation (2020)