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J & J Child Care & Learning Center

J & J Child Care & Learning Center has diversified its outdoor learning environment with a variety of play and learning settings. They have added a primary pathway with two newly constructed arbors with climbing vines. A multipurpose lawn has been established for endless possibilities. In a corner stands a low deck with seating. Here children can gather and work together in small groups; socialize, complete an art project, read, or listen to a book being read. The possibilities are endless. In addition, a mud kitchen and raised garden beds were installed for children to enjoy.

The infant area now offers a beautiful deck, pergola, and swing. The space has been naturalized with shrubs, herbs, and flowers. Making it a wonderful place for infants to experience the beauty of nature.

Address: 139 SE Railroad Street, Enfield, NC 27823
Phone Number: (252) 445-1694
County: Halifax
Local Partnership: Halifax-Warren Smart Start Partnership for Children
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 25
Schematic Master Plan
Safe Place Schematic
Before Renovation
After Renovation