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Early Preschool and Learning Center

Early Preschool and Learning Center, located in Raleigh, NC, has transformed their large outdoor area into an outdoor learning environment that promotes physical activity, outdoor play and learning, and healthy eating.  They have added a large double looped primary pathway, and orchard and raised vegetable garden gives the children the chance to participate in growing healthy snacks.  

The center has also installed a wheeled toy storage area adjacent to the primary pathway, as well as a sand play area.  In addition to fruiting trees, they have also planted small trees for shade around the primary pathway.  An arbor also spans the primary pathway to provide additional shade.

Address: 2614 Fairway Drive Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone Number: (919) 772-4109
County: Wake
Local Partnership: Wake Smart Start
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 59

Schematic Master Plan (2020)

Before Renovation (2017)

After Renovation (2020)