Log Seats

What are some ways to improve an outdoor learning environment without breaking the bank?


Log seats are an easy and cost effective way to improve an outdoor learning environment.

Sliced segments of logs = instant gathering space, council circle, or quiet sitting nook, bench, or low project table

Talk to tree removal companies to reserve tree segments before they grind their trees. Logs and stumps don’t have the same life span as a stone circle, and will need replacing every five years or so. Redcedar, oak, maple trees and other hardwoods provide the longest lasting stumps. Pine and the soft woods are not suitable as they decompose too fast. Make sure borders are smooth. Logs can also serve as a temporary boundary containment for earth and sand play settings. Log benches require a moderate amount of skill and tools to build and keep stable.

Click here to download a pdf with this and more great ideas for affordable settings and elements to improve outdoor play environments.

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