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Lulu’s Enrichment Center

Lulu’s Child Enrichment Center is in Taylorsville North Carolina, and is a part of the Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Furniture manufacturing facility.

The center is supported by the manufacturing facility and provides childcare to many of the employees. The director, Kim Draughn, led the effort to improve the existing outdoor area to meet best practice guidelines.

The existing asphalt pathway, which was out of repair and not ideal, was replaced with a new five-foot wide concrete pathway that connects new settings to buildings and entrances. Modifications made to an existing storage shed provide an attached deck and sand play area, utilizing an existing roof overhang for shade. Other improvements include a new stage with a reading nook, a challenge area with low ropes for balancing, and raised beds for planting vegetables.

With much energy and excitement, Lulu’s Child Enrichment Center continues to follow their master plan by incrementally installing new features and settings.

Address: 135 One Comfortable Place Taylorsville, NC 28681
Phone Number: (828) 632-9200
County: Alexander
Local Partnership: Alexander
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 77

The new trike track is now safer and looks so much better. The trike track has allowed the teachers to open up all 10 settings that we planned on using.

Lulu's Enrichment Center

Schematic Master Plan (2012)

Before Renovation (2011)

After Renovation (2012)