Shape NC

Anson Children’s Center

Anson Children’s Center, in Polkton North Carolina (Anson County), initiated best practice improvements as a result of the Shape NC initiative:

  • Two large areas were re-worked to provide five-foot wide pathways.
  • Raised garden beds were installed and shade structures that can support vines were erected at the entrances to the outdoor spaces.
  • Natural materials that are readily available for children can be found in the outdoor learning environment.
  • Compost from a nearby cotton factory was used in several raised beds and to everyone’s surprise cotton sprang up! The plant was left for the children to learn from and enjoy.

Future plans include further plant installations and construction of custom settings.

Address: 383 Cotton St Polkton, NC 28135
Phone Number: (704) 272-7076
County: Anson
Local Partnership: Anson
NC Star Rating: 5
Capacity: 85

The children really enjoy a place to ride trikes and cars.  Some of the children in the two-year-old class like to see who can ride their bikes the fastest around the track.

Anson Children's Center

Schematic Master Plan (2012)


Before Renovations (2011)


After Renovations (2013)