Oakland Declaration

The Nature-Based Learning Network (NBLN) gathering at the Children & Nature Network International Leadership Summit, Oakland, California, May 2018, provided an opportunity to capture the advocacy power of this unique gathering of diverse disciplines and professions, to create an international declaration on nature-based learning.

Virtual Field Trip

Virtual field trip of childcare outdoor learning environments. POD considers the design of outdoor environments in early childhood as a preventative health intervention.

John Rex Endowment 2016 Progress Report

NLI > Updates Updates The John Rex Endowment 2016 Progress Report is a glimpse of the foundation’s impact on the Wake County community over the past 15 years. This impact includes supporting the NLI’s Preventing Obesity by Design in Wake County (POD Wake...

Sir Walter Raleigh Award – Public Service

NLI > Updates Updates Beginning and Beyond Child Development Center, participant of the Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) project, along with instructors Carla Delcambre, PLA (Landscape Architecture), Julieta Sherk, PLA (Horticultural Sciences), and their students...