Preventing Obesity by Design (POD3)

Jun 2012

POD3 - Transferring knowledge • Building capacity • Extending reach


POD3 is based on findings from four years of the Preventing Obesity by Design (POD, 2007-2011) indicating increased OLE-supported physical activity after renovation, the current Shape NC project (2010-present), the DCDEE initiative “Creating a Supportive Network” (2011), and findings by others showing a) young children learn most through hands-on experience, and b) being outdoors is critical to children’s physical development, activity, and healthy nutrition. Thus, the outdoor environment in childcare centers is related to learning in all developmental areas and supports holistic childhood experience centered on healthy living practices.

The goal of POD3 is to convert outdoor design and programming “best practices” into “common practices” for adoption by early childhood educators, providers, regulators, and landscape designers and managers. Experts in policy and childcare regulations work with the NLI team to provide guidance. POD3 focuses on transferring knowledge, building capacity, and extending reach by:

1) Developing education modules for adoption by community colleges and higher education institutions to infuse new awareness and understanding about the role of the outdoors in health promotion;

2)  Organizing regional OLE training institutes and interactive OLE design workshops;

3) Creating POD3 “Regional Outdoor Labs” and related regional action networks of trained childcare providers, technical assistance professionals, regulators and assessors, landscape designers/contractors, and parents;

4) Disseminating technical assistance and information resources through expansion of the Natural Learning Initiative’s (NLI) Green Desk; and

5) Offering seed grants to POD3 Lab sites and incentives for Technical Assistant providers and community college instructors.

POD-3 Intervention Diagram

 POD3  is supported by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.

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