Past Events

The Natural Learning Initiative holds annual and special events that provide informative presentations, special topic sessions, workshops, and lectures. Below is a list of past events with photographs, videos, and descriptions of the happenings during each event.

Childhood Outdoors Design Institute

The Childhood Outdoors Design Institute offers inspiration and practical assistance for designing environments that will bring children in closer contact with nature to a variety of participants, including architects, landscape architects, designers, public health professionals, childcare providers, educators, children museum professionals, botanical garden and zoo educators, extension agents, master gardeners, parks and recreation professionals, horticultural therapists, and others.

Design Institute 2015: 13th Annual

Design Institute 2014: 12th Annual

Design Institute 2013: 11th Annual

Design Institute 2012: 10th Annual

Design Institute 2011: 9th Annual

Design Institute 2008: 6th Annual

Design Institute 2007: 5th Annual

Growing In Place Symposium

The aim of the Growing In Place Symposium is to stimulate discussion about how planners and designers can enhance the health and wellbeing of urban families in North Carolina, across the nation and world. As urban growth increases, new urban design policies are required to support the needs of citizens across the life span.

Growing IN Place Symposium 2016

Growing IN Place Symposium 2015

Growing IN Place Symposium 2014

Growing IN Place Symposium 2013

Growing IN Place Symposium 2012

Growing IN Place Symposium 2011

Growing IN Place Symposium 2010

Growing IN Place Symposium 2009

Growing IN Place Symposium 2008

POD-3 Regional Symposium

The POD-3 Healthy Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Environments Symposium raises awareness about the role of the outdoors for early childhood healthy development and offers innovative ideas
and concepts for participants to implement. Participants learn new ways to entice
preschool physical activity, see examples of how the designed environment engages children
in outdoor play, and explore the many ways outdoor activity supports healthy development.

Triangle Regional Symposium June 2013