NLI Media

Virtual Field Trip (Interactive)

Virtual field trip of childcare outdoor learning environments. POD considers the design of outdoor environments in early childhood as a preventative health intervention.

Playgrounds to Outdoor Learning Environments (6:20)

Childcare outdoor learning environment to support young children’s physical activity, healthy eating, and outdoor learning.

Affordance Behavior Setting (3:07)

Affordance is a perceptional relationship between functional properties of environments and skills of individual users.

Elements of Urban Form (3:26)

There are 5 urban form elements that influence design practice and policy. Pathways, nodes, landmarks, districts, and edges.

What Nature Teaches Children | TED (14:53)

Children spend most of their waking hours in child care every day. Cosco explains the importance of being outdoors.

Shape NC Design Workshop (3:50)
The NLI held a design workshop for 10 model early learning centers as part of the Shape NC project.
Celebrating Walnut Creek Wetlands & Partners for Environmental Justice (8:19)
How a group of dedicated citizens can band together to create positive change in a community.

External Media

This is Me! (3:09)

Article 31 and a Child’s Right to Play. This may sound dry, but this video doesn’t! Multiple languages available here.

Free the Kids (2:37)

Who spends more time outside, a child… or a maximum-security prisoner? Watch this film to find out.

Dirt is Good (1:31)

Every child has the right to be a child. Dirt is good!

The Children and Nature Movement (7:37)

Every child needs nature. Not just the ones with parents who appreciate nature.

Children in Nature (26:52)

We explore “Nature Deficit Disorder,” learning the effects children suffer when they lose contact with nature.

The Child in Nature (16:00)
This DVD shows how the naturalized schoolyard brings the child into contact with the natural world and the universe.
Project CATCH (5:39)

Project CATCH provides services and advocates for children experiencing homelessness.