Robin Moore Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The NC State University Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management has honored Robin Moore with the 2016 Annual Achievement Award. This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the parks, recreation, tourism, sport, or golf profession at the state, national, or international level. Read more here.

Places and Spaces for Children in Wake County

The John Rex Endowment has awarded $1.9 Million to transform community settings into vibrant places that support children's positive mental health. The Natural Learning Initiative will work together with the Duke University Center for Child and Family Policy, the Lucy Daniels Center, Marbles Kids Museum, and Wake County Salvation Army's Project CATCH to select and renovate nine demonstration sites in Wake County. 

Childcare Gardening and Cooking Series Available to Download

LOCAL FOODS: Childcare Center Production Gardens is a series of resource publications released by the NC Cooperative Extension's Local Foods Program. The series was produced by NLI in collaboration with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) and NC Cooperative Extension and covers establishing a childcare garden, growing and preparing fruits and vegetables in both warm and cool seasons, and composting techniques.

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Garden Successes at POD-Wake Demonstration Center

The Advocates for Health in Action newsletter highlights the successes of the Farm to Childcare program in Wake County at Childcare Network #61, a POD-Wake Demonstration site. They've reduced the canned vegetables and fruit they use by more than half and saved money but using produce from Farm to Childcare and from the center gardens. Parents see the outdoor gardens as a selling point and the children gain hands on experience with the growing cycle. 

College of Design Summer Seminars Engage POD-Wake Childcare Center

Beginning and Beyond, a POD-Wake Demonstration Childcare Center teamed up with Carla Delcambre, Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Julie Sherk, Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University for their summer seminars: LAR 457: Construction, Materials and Methods and LAR 582 Planting Design Workshop. Beginning and Beyond has focused on renovating their Outdoor Learning Environment based on best practices through the POD-Wake project, supported by the John Rex Endowment.

Keller Williams Workday at POD-Wake Demonstration Centers

Thursday, May 14, was the Keller Williams RED day, a day for all of their staff to offer service to the communities where they live in honor of the founder's birthday. This year Wake County Smart Start coordinated at least 80 volunteers who provided volunteer effort to all 8 POD-Wake Demonstration Childcare Centers. Natural Learning Initiative Staff joined the fun, helping to direct the planting of trees and shrubs and further renovations to the Outdoor Learning Environments at these sites. Learn more in this News and Observer article about the day.

Robin Moore's Biophilic Cities Webinar Series Presentation

View Robin Moore's presentation, Greening Urban Childhood, which was offered as part of the Fostering Connections with the Natural World Webinar series. The Biophilic Cities Project is out of the University of Virginia's School of Architecture and is focussed on the theory and practice of planning for biophilic cities.

Growing IN Place Symposium Presentations Now Available

The 8th Annual Growing IN Place Symposium was held March 5, 2015 at the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC.  This years theme, Green Neighborhood Assets: Streets, Houses, Schools, Parks, Food, addressed planning and design policies that support the need for an urban public realm designed to support culturally diverse, socially stimulating, healthy lifestyles. Visit the Growing IN Place page to access the recorded presentations from the event.

Early Childhood Physical Activity Institute (ECPAI)

This year's ECPAI will be held June 1 - 3 at the Mables Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC. Join Be Active Kids and Dr. Diane Craft of Active Play Books in this physical activity training for childcare providers, preschool teachers, and others who interact with large gropus of young children on a regular basis. Registration opens April 15 and is limited to 15 participants. Find more informaiton here.

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