College of Design Summer Seminars Engage POD-Wake Childcare Center

Beginning and Beyond, a POD-Wake Demonstration Childcare Center teamed up with Carla Delcambre, Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Julie Sherk, Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University for their summer seminars: LAR 457: Construction, Materials and Methods and LAR 582 Planting Design Workshop. Beginning and Beyond has focused on renovating their Outdoor Learning Environment based on best practices through the POD-Wake project, supported by the John Rex Endowment.

The students worked with the center to build an arbor, a dry creek bed and a tire dragon, which became a new Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) on the site. They also installed over $4,000 worth of donated plant material. The focus of the course was to develop a working knowledge of landscape architectural construction materials, methods, and implementation practices. The two seminars acted as a forum for introducing core knowledge about best practices, and information about planting design, construction technologies, implementation strategies, and installation applications. Donations of lumber and paving stone were received by Capitol City Lumber and all the plant material was donated by Bland Landscaping. Ruppert Landscaping built the arbor designed by the NCSU students and Mrs. Hope's PreK classroom.