"Caring Spaces, Learning Places" 2nd edition is out

Second edition of Jim Greenman’s classic, Caring Spaces, Learning Places, is out. Edited by Mike Lindstrom, Exchange Press.


“The first edition of Caring Spaces (1998) was already the most useful volume available for early childhood design professionals. This third edition retains its position as the most indispensable of resources. Greenman has the unique ability to demonstrate how space, time, objects, culture, and behavior can be made to co-act to create places that afford rich learning opportunities and healthy development of children and families. Greenman’s wisdom and humanity informs every page with practical advice and creative ideas for designing quality settings worthy of contemporary childhood, which also serve as work environments to support dedicated child care professionals. Beautifully composed, Caring Spaces is destined to be the most dog-eared book in every child care center striving for quality.” 

— Robin C. Moore, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, North Carolina State University