Oakland Declaration

Backstory. The Nature-Based Learning Network (NBLN) gathering at the Children & Nature Network International Leadership Summit, Oakland, California, May 2018, provided an opportunity to capture the advocacy power of this unique gathering of diverse disciplines and professions, to create an international declaration on nature-based learning. A draft was adopted by NBLN Summit participants. Many weeks of fine-tuning by the drafting team followed. The Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) produced the graphic rendition.

Latest Signatures
62 Liz B. University of British Columbia
61 Becca K. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust/Education Program Manager
60 Rachel P. Education Outside
59 Jan W. Early Childhood Outdoors
58 Jennifer R. Potomac Valley Audobon/Master Naturalist student/Wildlife Rehabilitator
57 Shawn G. Earth n Sky School/founder-educator
56 Anna D. Nature Preschool Teacher
55 Carli B. Caltrans- Biologist
54 Andrea F. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
53 Susan F. Environmental Science Teacher
52 Melanie C. NIU Lorado Taft Field Campus/Director
51 Estrella R. AEOE/Executive Director
50 Colby P. NAAEE Communication and Social Media Specialist
49 Joseph C. Sharing Nature Worldwide
48 Natalie C. Nature Natalie


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62 signatures

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Greetings from the drafting team:

Judy Braus
North American Association
for Environmental Education

Louise Chawla
Program in Environmental Design,
University of Colorado Boulder

John Falk
Institute for Learning Innovation

Robin Moore
Natural Learning Initiative
North Carolina State University

Dilafruz Williams
Leadership for Sustainability Education
Portland State University

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